Thursday, December 31, 2009

May your new year be bright!

I was preparing my old year/ new year post to UrbanAmishers when I received this wonderful email:

Hello Yolanda -

Thank you for posting your version of the Indian Hatchet quilt block.  Many years ago my great-grandmother made me a quilt using this pattern and I always wanted to give it a try myself.  The patterns I found used small pieces and seemed very daunting.  Then I found your site.  I appreciate your explanation of 'size does matter', 'large scale/medium scale' fabric prints, and showing so many block variations.  I chose the mirrored version, and did my best to find fabric that met your recommendations. 

This was my first quilt, and I loved the entire process.  Attached are a couple of photos.

Thank you again for the great web site and thorough explanation of the Indian Hatchet quilt block.


And here are the two photos she included.

I asked her to tell me a little bit about herself and this is what she said.

Thank you for the kind words about my quilt.  Your web site was such an inspiration to make it happen!

Please feel free to post the email.  I'm just a middle aged (45) gal who shares an almost perfect life with my husband, Mike, in rural Missouri.  I was inspired to quilt by my great-grandmother, but never took the time to try until this year.  I'm already in the planning phase of my next quilt.

Happy New Year!!

(The jpgs were labeled: 'Mike's' so I'm guessing she made this quilt for her husband.)

 My thanks to Lisa for making me very, very, happy.

And now there's at least one more quilter out there. I believe the world is only better for it.

Happy New Year, UrbanAmishers!


  1. A great story, Yolanda! Love to see the quilting being carried on!

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  3. For the convenience of non-Chinese speaking UrbanAmishers I had my friend Eric translate for me the above comment. 'Pain and Suffering' says:
    Hidden behind difficulties is the stairway to success.