Thursday, April 14, 2011

I am amazed by the kindness of strangers

Two news items. Well, three.

Number one, I have not abandoned the UrbanAmish Lessons projects. Time to work on it has just temporarily abandoned me. The next lesson will actually appear on my friend's Joan Hawley's, Lazy Girl design blog first and then I will post here with additional customized details appropriate for my UrbanAmish friends.

Number two item. I just got my advance yardage for my new blender line, Tessuto, (Textile in Italian) that will debut at Quilt market in May at Salt Lake City. Here they all are arranged nicely before we dive in and start using them. They won't be looking so neat for very long once Pamela and I get going.
They are used in the design you see at the beginning of this blog along with my other blender line, Earthlight, which was introduced at the 2010 Fall International Quilt Market in Houston.

And number three, the reason why I'm writing today: I'm simply stunned, amazed and grateful. This week I got this email:
I had made it to the top 100 finalist! And then the voting started and so far it's been exciting to see my barn quilt design...picture at the top of this blog post is actually in the lead so far!
I know I promised my friends that I would share if I won the AccuQuilt shopping spree but I have not bribed every single one of those votes. So thank you kind strangers.
(And I really want to meet Eleanor Burns and have her teach me how to throw scraps of fabric over my shoulder with such joie de vivre.)

So UrbanAmishers, if you liked to help me and those I have bribed win, go to here:

and vote for my design which is somewhere down about the middle of the page first in the row. 

I do believe, Eleanor Burns, Alex Anderson, and Ricky Tims have final, final say who wins but I'm sure number of votes will count for quite a bit. And yes, voting ends on April 19th! So don't forget to vote soon.

Thank you to kind friends and kind strangers for helping me get this close to the goal.

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