Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What is Urban Amish? (or Home Alone)

I'm a textile designer that works at home alone. I license my designs to a fabric manufacturer based in New York City that caters specifically to the quilting industry.

As a result, I talk to myself all day long.

Most of the conversations have to do with textiles design and how it relates to quilting design.
Or... quilt designs and how they relate to textile design.

I feel we are at an unusual point in textile history where for the first time fabrics are being developed specifically for use in quilts.

There is a focused synergy going on that we are just beginning to tap between the quilter and the textile designer... and all the hybrid creatures in between.

In the past, before the resurgence of interest in quiltmaking right around the late 1970's, quilts were primarily made from fabrics intended for other purposes other than quilts: clothing, curtains, feedsacks.

But alas I cannot continue this thread of thought today since it's 5:18 AM and I must make my way to Newark Airport. Houston Quilt Market & Festival Bound!

As my t-shirt constantly reminds me: life is good. I leave you with 2 snaps of my working table these past 2 weeks.

Note: Even though this post is dated October 1st, it was actually completed on October 23. October 1st, 2008 is the blog's birthday when I finally got around to realizing that this format would be a great way to get to know quilters, designers and other fabric lovers and at last sat down to write.

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  1. looking forward to the assignments you eluded to. I would love to read about the process of your work...from inspiration to completion.