Saturday, February 7, 2009

It has begun...really!

I live with a fabulous art quilter. Some of you know I'm a textile designer in my better moments.
As I design my fabrics on my computer I'm constantly designing virtual quilts to test them.
For more than two years I've been talking about a way of looking at both fabric and quilting design as Urban Amish. Well, Pamela...the art quilter I live with... finally put the thumbscrews on and forced me to make it real and teach her the principles of this way of looking. So we've promised ourselves a set of twelve Urban Amish lessons that upon completion would have explained as clearly as possible the thoughts underlying Urban Amish. Here's the block that is a result of lesson four. And as a result of it we have a working cover.

We will start posting lessons and results of the lessons in the following weeks. I'm hoping for active participation in this from interested readers.

(Always remember, clicking on an image will make it bigger.)


  1. I send a virtual champagne bottle with which to christen the launch. May Urban Amish know many stitches.

  2. Marta sent me. This looks interesting!