Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don't Drink and Drive! ...or is it Don't Quilt and Drive? ... definitely Don't Drink and Quilt.

The following UrbanAmish cautionary tale is brought to you by Barbie Vanderfleet-Martin, good friend and quiltaholic. I met Barbie through my local quilting guild: Garden State Quilters. The guild is composed of roughly 200 or so of the finest quilting addicts in the middle northern area of New Jersey. Barbie is a very accomplished and out-of-the-box thinking quilter. She owns a longarm which she wields with dextery and finesse. She, along with her good friend Alicia Bell, are the women that keep the guild members supplied with fine quilting-related classes and lectures year round.

UrbanAmish Legend #3 reporting in:

The Amish quilting imperfections are due to their belief that only God is perfect. I believe that too. Although my reasons are very different. I began my first lesson with the intention of beating all by making a quilt in an evening. With my Fabric all selected and cut I was off to the races. I had 16 Indian Hatchet block to put together. Being the advanced quilter ( huh ) I chose to do this without the templates in a flip and sew method.
This would leave me with a number of half square triangles for border option. Thinking ahead I am. Here is the result. Two perfect blocks. We thought only God could do that.

HUH! We thought Barbie could as well. Somehow things got turned around at about the same time My Dear Husband called 'Cocktail Hour'. I now have TWO perfect blocks and 14 to unsew. And how did this happen?

(Editorial comment: Besides saying Huh! a lot Barbie als
o says Eh? quite frequently. Guess where she's originally from.)

God and the Amish do not drink. I believe this is what makes their designs so perfect. I however do so love a refreshing Caesar and hours of some very interesting sewing. I am not perfect but know how to have a good time.

At about this time I switched to red wine. The quilt was left until the morning after........

Caesar recipe:
Rim glass with celery salt.
  • 1oz vodka
  • a bunch of ice
  • top up with Clamato juice
  • a shake of tobasco
  • a stir stick of celery stalk and a twist of lemon
A clear-headed but unrepentant Barbie did manage to turn it all around to face the right way the next day. Here's her India Hatchet top. I must say I was very pleased to see an older fabric design of mine used for the focus fabric. And I love the fabrics that she chose as complements. She created a very exciting multidirectional flow with her fabric choices.

The red focus fabric Barbie used is from my Chelsea Morning Collection: Crimson colorway.


  1. I'm posting a comment for someone (Road Warrior-see previous post)who couldn't figure out how to comment directly and email me instead. However I think the world needed to read her remarks addressed to Barbie.
    Here's from one UrbanAmish legend to another: "If I could figure out how to reply to this I would...I and I would say
    YOU GO GIRL...I love people who think outside the BLOCK and who choose things that surprise me. Can I consult with Barbie when I need an unconventional choice that really works!?!?
    I am now going to finish my galss of wine, and you will undoubtedly notice that wine, being a lower alcohol contect never effects me the way the Caesar effected Barbie, eh?
    did I mention my faxing dilema? Do you realize that with my copier/fax machine if you punch in 1 914
    478 4278 without hitting the fax button first, the copier begins to
    print 19,144,784,278 which is 19 billion, one hundred and forty four
    million, seven hundred eighty four thousand, two hundred and seventy
    eight copies...I am worn out from refilling the paper....
    Good thing I don't drink hard liquor."

  2. Perhaps I should have added "Don't Drink and Fax" to the tile also.

  3. Oops...I meant "title". I guess "Don't Drink and Type" might be appropriate also. (hic)